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Is there an average size Putting Green?
  • Not really. Each putting green is designed in proportion to the site, though the majority of putting green projects are between 600sq’ – 1,800sq’ with a sand-trap.
Are there limitations to the undulations I can have in the putting green surface?
  • No, our Putting Turf will “mirror” whatever undulations we create in the base. Actually, it’s the size of the putting green that will dictate the degree of contour advise.
What type of Turf does Personal Putting Greens recommend to their Clients?
  • Personal Putting Greens offers a variety of Proprietary Golf Turfs, proven to be the best in the industry. Depending on your specific requirements and how you intend to use your green, we will recommend either a Top-Dressed Nylon Turf or an Infilled Polypropylene Turf.
What are these types of turf?
  • Infilled Polypropylene Turf is often used for target greens or greens that are being installed with the purpose of hitting long shots to. Polypropylene turf holds shots very well. The initial cost of the turf is less expensive than a Nylon turf, however, due to sand displacement, they tend to flatten out and become very poor putting surfaces. They need to be regularly brushed full of sand to keep the fiber vertical and rolled frequently to smooth the surface, thus costing more in maintenance in the long run.
    Top-dressed Nylon turf is best used when a green is being used as a short game practice green. Putts will hold a true line to the cup, even as the ball slows down approaching the hole. Nylon turf is a little more costly up front, however, the nylon fiber needs no sand filler to hold the turf fibers vertical and will not mat-down over time, therefore requiring less maintenance in the long run.
Is Turf the only thing to consider in the construction of my Golf Green and choosing a Putting Green Company?
  • Absolutely not! While turf is an important decision, you must also consider the experience of the company, the materials they are using in the construction of your green, the engineering of the base (location, elevation, drainage, contours and undulations, etc.), care taken to your existing landscape, what guarantees they offer and the longevity of the company (will they be around for you in the coming years?) Personal Putting Greens ensures you we use the best materials, addresses all site options with you, is courteous and respectful of your existing landscape, offers a full 5 year guarantee on all our greens and with 20 years in the business and our yearly Greenskeeper Service you can bet we will be there for you in the years to come.
How many cups can I have in the putting green and can I move them?
  • Even the smaller putting greens will accommodate three cup locations and the larger the putting green, more may be added. These locations are permanent.
How long does it take to build a putting green?
  • Construction can take as little as three days for a small putting green, but most projects take one week to complete.
Do I have to cover my putting green in the winter?
  • No, unlike a natural green, you may enjoy your green year-round.
Do you sell “putting green kits” to do-it-yourself-ers?
  • No. We are a professional design and build company of residential synthetic bent-grass putting greens. We consider it irresponsible to profit selling our putting turf to individuals, telling them they can expect excellent results having never constructed one putting green!
If I hit balls to the putting green, will I damage the putting surface?
  • No, the impact of thousands of balls hitting the putting green will not distort the synthetic fiber or have any effect on the way the putting green looks or putts.

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