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Honey, there’s a HOLE in our Backyard!

Think “putting practice” is the only thing you can do with your putting green?
Think again…

Over the last twenty years, we’ve come across some great ways to enjoy your putting green (that may or may not involve golf)!!

In addition to the obvious improvements you’ll make to your putting game, we’ve assembled an E-Book titled “Honey, there’s a HOLE in our Backyard!” that contains some creative, fun, innovative and unique ways for your whole family to enjoy your putting green.

Some of these have been passed along from clients of ours over the years and some my kids and grandkids thought up (or made up)!

We’re really excited to share these great ideas with you so you and your family can start enjoying all the benefits of your Personal Putting Green!

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All the best!
John J. Caputo Jr., Founder
Personal Putting Greens

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