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Artificial Putting Greens

While natural grass works well on a home putting green, it does have a number of limitations that we see:

  • Grass requires maintenance and upkeep such as mowing, weed control, etc.
  • Watering can create divots and puddles. Not a good idea.
  • Pets and outside intruders can create issues with waste and damage.
  • Divot prone – Too much horsepower behind your putter spells disaster.

Artificial putting greens are a much better option. Here are some advantages of using synthetic putting greens in your backyard:

  • No worries about mud due to great drainage.
  • Very durable.
  • More economical than regular grass, require minimal maintenance.
  • Immediate usability. Sod takes weeks to settle and seeding a lawn can take months.
  • Pet Friendly.
  • It’s much easier to maintain. You don’t have to mow it, water it, or worry about weeds growing through it (especially if you have a weed barrier placed underneath the turf.)

Artificial putting greens offer a consistent surface to practice your strokes on. There won’t be any holes, clumps or divots, which makes synthetic putting greens a much safer surface to play on.

It is also much more visually appealing than natural grass and while real grass can look incredible, it can become quite the burden on the homeowner.

With all of the benefits that artificial grass provides, choosing this material for your home putting green is hole-in-one!