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Winter Golf: Tips for Staying Sharp During the Winter Months

January 25, 2024

Winter Golf: Tips for Staying Sharp During the Winter Months

If you live in the northern half of the U.S. like us, you’re probably experiencing the winter golf blues. Longer, colder days are forcing us to spend more time indoors. But, just because we can’t get outside and play, doesn’t mean we can’t keep improving. Following is a list of tips and activities you can do to stay sharp and improve your game ahead of the season.

1. Reflect on the past year and set goals for the new one.

Year round review is a great tool in the improvement process. While you have the extra time to reflect, now is the time to do it. Did you set goals for the previous year? If so, how many did you achieve? Think about the successes you had and reflect on why you were able to make progress in that area.

Consider what goals you want to set for the upcoming year. What habits, characteristics or improvements will you need to accomplish these goals? Write it all out so you can be reminded of them and track your progress weekly.

2. Start a golf fitness routine.

Staying fit, flexible and improving strength is a must for success on the golf course. By incorporating at least 3 sessions at the gym you won’t have to worry about losing your fitness stamina in the off season and ultimately you will improve upon your performance. Workouts can be varied but should include: strength, cardio, balance, flexibility and power. You can work with a fitness trainer to set up a plan or put one together yourself with a simple search of “golf excercises”.

3. Become a student of the game.

You should always be looking for ways to improve your mental side of the game. There are so many free resources out there, in the form of podcasts, blog posts and videos, to help you tackle the mental aspects of the game of golf. Improve your focus, work through your challenges and feel more in control on the golf course. Below are just a few of our favorite podcasts to listen to

Golf Smarter
No Laying Up – Golf Podcast
The Golf Psychology Podcast

4. Practice Putting…with the right technique.

Practicing your putting is probably one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your game this winter. Every golfer knows, to be a better golfer, you need to be a better putter. But don’t just keep doing what you’ve been doing. Now is the perfect time to correct some bad habits. Many of our customers, have converted areas of their basements into indoor practice rooms. This can be as simple as replaceing carpeting with indoor putting turf in a basement, garage or other unused area. Or you can create your own indoor golf experience by installing a golf simulator. Of course, inexpensive putting mats are also a good option for those that are looking to save on space.

5. Find an Indoor Facility.

Private indoor facilities are a valuable resource for many golfers, especially during the winter months. Many of these facilities offer private and group lessons with a golf professional. Or, if you are just looking to get swings in, trackman golf simulators are available to rent on an hourly basis, for just you or you and your regular foursome. If you are lucky enough to live on Long Island, you have one of the up and coming, premier facilities available to you. Found here: www.24-7golfacademy.com

24/7 Golf Academy offers private and group lessons, trackman rentals, club fittings and even membership packages, to keep you playing golf year round, no matter what the weather forcast is.

6. Keep practicing your golf swing.

Even if you can’t install your own home putting green, or you don’t have an indoor golf facility available to you in your area, you can still practice those golf swings at home. Standing in front of a mirror while practicing your swings is one way to keep your form in check. Weighted clubs is an easy way to improve your power and explosion. A golf net or cage set up in a basement or garage is another way to get those swings in. We have been happy to help many of our clients create indoor golf spaces that work for them!

7. Keep a Performance Journal

Looking ahead at next year and reflecting on goals you are now setting, there is no better tool then a performance journal. Perferrably in the same journal you wrote your goals in, at the end of each day jot down what you did to improve yourself that day. The succes you had, the process you used and the challenges you faced.

And when you’ve had enough of the cold, dark days of winter, what better way to escape the winter, then with a golf vacation to warmer weather!

8. Book yourself a golf getaway!

When you have had all that you can take of the winter blues, and you are yearning for the greens of the golf course, book yourself that golf getaway! So many great destinations here and abroad to get in that golf fix. Travel Agents like like www.travelistatravels.com are experts at putting together the ultimate golf vacation experience.

Winter is the perfect time to reflect, challenge and improve yourself for the upcoming spring season. It will be here before you know it! Use your time wisely.