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What You Need To Know About Golf’s Health Benefits

synthetic putting greens

November 3, 2021

What You Need To Know About Golf’s Health Benefits

We don’t often think of golf in the same way that we think of more obviously rigorous sports. But golf requires a lot of athleticism, and all of the dedication and exercise that comes with being an athlete. A lot of people play golf, with Americans spending $600 million on golf balls every year, but they may not necessarily be taking full advantage of the sport. Yes, there are health benefits to be had from playing golf. Let’s look into them below.

What Are The Health Benefits of Playing Golf?

The health benefits of playing gold are numerous. The great thing about these health benefits is that they come without many of the risks that come with playing other, riskier sports. While it’s certainly not impossible to injure yourself while playing golf, especially if you play it often, it’s not necessarily as hazardous as football or basketball.

Golf is actually known for having benefits for your heart. This is especially true if you spend a lot of time walking across a synthetic putting green, rather than being driven around in a golf cart. The more you better your heart health, of course, the likelier you are to increase your longevity. You may not even recognize how much you’re helping your heart as you play golf, but it’s certainly happening.

The regular exercise of golf can also strengthen your bones, and increase your general mobility. Golf requires a lot of regular, repetitive motion, especially around the hips. This will ideally also aid in your flexibility.

Aside from boosting your heart and bones, golf also is known for helping with weight loss as you walk around and get active. In fact, golf can even help better your mental health, as it cuts down on stress.

How Can I Maintain My Health While Golfing?

While golfing has a lot of health benefits, you should still check in with your doctor about any aches and pains you may be feeling. If you pick up injuries elsewhere, you may stress them further as you golf. Keep your back and your knees in particular check if you plan on golfing regularly.

Golfing is a fun sport, and one that’s accessible to many of us. Be careful and golf safely!