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Five Reasons to Teach Your Child to Golf on Home Golf Greens

home golf greens

May 25, 2019

Five Reasons to Teach Your Child to Golf on Home Golf Greens

Home golf greens are perfect for working on your short game. But what about your children or grandchildren? They can get just as much out of golf greens inside your home as you can. Here are five reasons to install a home golf green for your little ones to enjoy:

Bring the Golf Course Home

A trip to the golf course can be expensive and time-consuming, particularly if your young golfing partner gets tired after three holes. Experts agree that the key to teaching children to golf is to make it fun. It’s much easier to have fun when you aren’t forcing your children to finish nine holes just to get your money’s worth. Backyard golf greens, on the other hand, do not require a drive to the local golf course and payment of greens fees every time your children or grandchildren want to hit a few golf balls.

Contain the Damage

Divots, ball marks, and other turf damage are a natural part of golfing. But if you feel guilty because your child turns the local golf course’s greens into an archaeological dig, perhaps a synthetic putting green can assuage your guilty conscience. Synthetic golf greens are typically made from polypropylene or nylon, which stand up to the rigors of ball impacts and normal usage.

Practice Anytime

While practice makes perfect, it is important to allow children the time they need to learn the fundamentals. Since course officials are concerned with pace of play, golf courses are not the best place for children to learn how to golf. On home golf greens, however, a child can play at his or her own pace, repeat shots, and, most importantly, quit when he or she is tired. On the other hand, home putting greens are perfect for a child to practice whenever the mood strikes at any time of day or night.

Teach What Kids Can Do

Children do not have the strength, height, and weight to drive a golf ball 400 yards. Children do have the strength, height, and weight to chip and putt. There are plenty of experts that recommend that children start with the short game. While the 400-yard drive is thrilling, most golfers forget that over 40% of the total strokes in a round are putts. Backyard putting greens allow children to start with skills that are both important to their game and within their ability to learn or, better yet, master.

Truly Private Lessons

If your children or grandchildren show a true love of golf, you may want to hire an instructor to take their golf skills to the next level. Home golf greens bring the golf instructor to you, making lessons more convenient for you and your children.

In summary, golf greens allow children to learn skills they are capable of learning and practice those skills at any time and provide a perfect opportunity to pass your love of golf down to your children or grandchildren.